TalkLine is a messaging application. It is a FREE app to connect easily with your friends and families. It is a communication solution for today’s social need, featuring text messaging, image/video transfer, voice call, group voice chat and much more. The application is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. TalkLine uses your internet connection (4G/3G/Wi-Fi) to get connected with your families and friends totally free of cost.

Why TalkLine

Though the family of messaging apps are available, there are some state-of-the-art TalkLine features which takes the users experience one level ahead. Use TalkLine's Chat Room feature and switch to a new experience of conference voice-chatting.

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages

  • Tracking recent chat message
  • Viewing the whole conversation
  • Acknowledgement for read/delivered messages
  • Group messages made easy

Voice Calls

Make / Receive calls to your contacts

  • Better voice quality
  • Viewing the whole conversation
  • Push notification
  • Low bandwidth codec

Public Room Chat

Engage in voice-chat as well as texting

  • Better voice quality
  • Works behind NAT
  • Push notification
  • Conference voice-chat as well as texting

Media Transfer

Secured data streaming

  • Image, audio, video transfers
  • Live image/video capturing and transfer
  • Transfer image/video from gallery